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Desert Tapestry


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Hand stitched with ?

Framed with an antique-looking embroidery hoop

Dimension 8inch

Nestled within a rustic, wooden-look embroidery hoop, this exquisite piece captures the enchanting beauty of the desert. A tapestry of meticulously hand-stitched cacti graces the fabric, each one a unique botanical marvel. From the graceful arms of the Saguaro to the charming clusters of the Barrel cactus, every variety is rendered with distinctive stitch styles. The juxtaposition of satin stitches, French knots and delicate cross-hatches brings depth and texture to the composition, evoking the rugged yet delicate nature of these desert wonders. This handcrafted masterpiece is a testament to the artistry and skill of its creator, a celebration of the resilient life that thrives in arid landscapes.



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