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Preserved memory Rose

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Handmade with Love

Pendant and earrings are made with resin, and embedded real rose petals and gold and silver foil to add glamour to the jewelry set

Hypoallergenic earring hooks are attached.

Chain and earring hooks are stainless steel and silver colored

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Sold by: My Spark

Indulge in the exquisite beauty of this handcrafted jewelry set, where artistry meets nature. The pendant and earrings are meticulously crafted with resin, delicately embedding real rose petals along with gold and silver foil accents, creating a captivating fusion of elegance and glamour. The hypoallergenic earring hooks ensure comfort, making this set suitable for sensitive skin. Both the chain and earring hooks boast durable stainless steel in a striking silver hue, adding a touch of sophistication to this unique and timeless creation. Elevate your style with this enchanting ensemble that seamlessly blends the allure of nature with the brilliance of precious metals.

1 review for Preserved memory Rose

  1. Simran Jeetani

    Your attention to detail and commitment to quality is truly appreciated. Thank you to make this so beautiful 😍

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